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Release date: April 2020

Number of gene combinations: 1833

The SQL tables and the JSON file have the following information and structure:

Table (models): each row represents a cohort for a mutant (or for wild type)

Table fields:

  • id - an unique ID for the mutant
  • tax_id - NCBI taxon ID
  • name - mutant name
  • genes - the genes that were genetically modulated
  • temp - the temperature at which the experiment was carried out
  • lifespan - the mean lifespan of the cohort
  • pmid - PubMed ID of the paper describing the results
  • effect - the percentage by which lifespan was increased, compared to the wild type in the same experiment, where available
  • details - a short description of the methodology used in the paper
  • diet - the diet under which animals were kept
  • interaction_type - the type of epistasis interaction, automatically catalogued based on the definitions/methods described in Bunu et al., 2020
  • strain - [for Drosophila melanogaster only] the strain name for the n-mutant, as it appears in the referenced paper

Table (model_interactions): each row represents a SynergyAge transition from an n-mutant to the corresponding (n+1)-mutant

Table fields:

  • id1 - id of the n-mutant (or wild type)
  • id2 - id of the (n+1)-mutant
  • phenotype_comparison - lifespan comparison between the phenotype of (n+1)-mutant and n-mutant

In the CSV file, each row represents a comparison between wild type (where available), n-mutant, 1-mutant (where available) and (n+1)-mutant, with all the gene-centric information included within the row.

CSV format

SynergyAge database hosts high-quality, manually curated information about the synergistic and antagonistic lifespan effects of genetic interventions in model organisms, also allowing users to explore the longevity relationships between genes in a visual way.

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How to cite us

If you would like to cite this database please use:

Bunu, G., Toren, D., Ion, C. et al. SynergyAge, a curated database for synergistic and antagonistic interactions of longevity-associated genes. Sci Data 7, 366 (2020).

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